Insights from Autistic Mentors

Nurturing self-esteem and pride in Autistic young people


6 tips

The I CAN Network is an Australian based, autistic-led organisation that provides a range of supports and resources. I have included these six tips for nurturing self-esteem and pride in autistic young people as an important reminder of the kind of therapist that I aspire to be.

Yellow Ladybugs

Mental Health and Safety Conference


Yellow Ladybugs is an Australian, autistic-led, not-for-profit organisation with an interest in support and advocacy for autistic girls and women including trans and gender diverse members of the community.

This week, I have been participating in the three-day online Mental Health and Safety Conference and look forward to sharing my conference highlights.

You may still be able to access the content and other information of interest via their website.


Spectrum Women

Autism and Parenting

Good Reads


Renata Jurkevythz, Maura Campbell, Lisa Morgan
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 21 Aug 2020

I love the insights this book provides by three different mothers on parenting from an autistic perspective. It aims to share an understanding of what it means to be autistic, the strengths, challenges, and unique differences. It also explores the differences in parenting both autistic and non-autistic children. Importantly, it discusses how for many parents, they discover their own autistic identity during or after going through the process of diagnosis with one or more of their children. They also share their views on autistic inclusion and connection with the autistic community. This is an important read for parents as well as extended family members who may have different assumptions about what it means to be autistic and the different ways autistic parents may choose to support their children.


Dr Mim's Musings

Here you’ll find an archive of my favourite books, resources and perspectives on supporting autistic children and adults. Please enjoy!